Making your voice heard

The expansion of the grid infrastructure is a project that affects society as a whole. All citizens should have the opportunity to get involved and all legitimate interests should be taken into consideration. The legislator has thus provided for public participation proceedings for all decisions relating to grid expansion. In addition, the Bundesnetzagentur is going beyond its legal obligations and inviting citizens to take part in public discussion sessions.


When is the closing date for citizens and associations to submit their comments on the Network Development Plan? What information events have already taken place on underground cables? The calendar lists all consultation deadlines and Bundesnetzagentur events about grid expansion. You can also find documents and presentations from previous events available for download there.

Consultation deadlines and events (in German)

Who can get involved?

Depending how advanced proceedings are for line construction, the Bundesnetzagentur targets different groups. When fundamental decisions are to be made, every interested citizen can and should make their voice heard. Where specific construction projects are involved, those personally affected have additional rights. In addition, throughout the entire proceedings, experts, environmental associations and public interest groups are called upon for their specialist knowledge.

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Social Media

The Bundesnetzagentur is present on various platforms and channels to raise awareness for electricity grid expansion. Have you watched our videos on YouTube, read our tweets at Twitter or visited us on Facebook? Become a follower and take part in the discussion!