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The Bundesnetzagentur is present on various platforms and channels to raise awareness for electricity grid expansion. Have you watched our videos on YouTube, read our tweets at Twitter or visited us on Facebook?

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Our Social Media Presence

You can read up on up-to-date information in the form of 140-character tweets on the Bundesnetzagentur's official Twitter stream on electricity grid expansion. Follow us on Twitter and stay informed of current developments.

@netzausbau at Twitter

Informative videos on grid expansion (partly with English subtitles), recordings from events and more can be found on our YouTube channel. Take a look at our playlist that features many other interesting videos!

Netzausbau on YouTube

Code of conduct

We are looking forward to candid and objektive discussions with users. To pave the way for a positive culture of communication, please respect the following aspects of the code of conduct that applies to YouTube comments and Twitter exchanges:

  1. Please address others as you want others to address you.
  2. Please respect the opinion of others.
  3. When making comments on a video, please ensure that they refer to its content.
  4. Comments, nicknames, and avatars may not be in violation of any law; in particular they may not violate the personal rights or dignity of other individuals. Personal insults, provocations, slanders and the denigration of people or organisations will not be tolerated. The same applies to comments that glorify violence, are of a vulgar, discriminatory, racist or sexist nature or otherwise infringe upon the German constitution.
  5. Please do not post any links on our YouTube page and limit your video responses to five minutes.
  6. Every user is responsible for their comments. All comments must be free of third-party rights.

In the event that one of these rules is violated, the comments in question shall not be published or will deleted, and the user's actions may additionally be reported as abuse to the website's administration.


Remember that everybody has a right to their own life outside of work. Please understand that comments or questions made in the evening, on bank holidays or weekends cannot be answered until the next working day.

Comments or tweets are not a substitute for statements or objections in public participation proceedings (consultations). Please use the communication channels applicable for each proceeding exclusively, should you want your opinion to be officially taken into account at a consultation.

YouTube comments can only be made if the user has an application account. This is something that the Bundesnetzagentur, as the owner of the channel, cannot influence.

In addition to this, please give consideration to our declaration on the protection of data in social media (in German).

As of January 2019